• BVA Track and Field Rules (2013)


    1.     Everyone is expected to be at all practices and meets unless there is a valid excuse (i.e. not in school, doctors appointment, school function)
    2.     Three unexcused absences will result in not being able to compete in the next meet, unless the practice is made up by one of the coaches.
    3.     Refusing to compete or missing an event assigned by the coaching staff will result in deducting points from your season total, and you will miss the next meet.
    4.     The coaching staff has the final say in all decisions pertaining to the team.
    5.     Because this is a coed team, inappropriate gestures and actions will not be tolerated.
    6.     Although track contains many individual events, you are to do what is in the best interest of the team.  Remember…you are representing Belle Vernon Area School District.
    7.     If an athlete is participating in another sport, we must have a copy of your practice and game schedule ASAP.
    8.     If you are not willing to show up and work hard, don’t waste your and our time!
    9.     ALWAYS bring 2 sets of clothes and shoes…one for training outside (this goes for cold and wet weather) and one for training indoors.

    10.  Make up your detentions ASAP.  We have had to hold athletes out of  

    meets due to detentions in the past.  Also, if you are struggling in a class, seek out a coach for help.  If we cannot help you, we will do our best to find someone who can.

    11.  If you are failing a class (less than a 63%), you are ineligible for a

           week!  Please let us know ASAP!  If you wait until the ineligibility

           list is posted, you are out for a week!!!

    12.  Throwing practice will be from 2:45 to 4:00.  Throwers will be

          dismissed at 4 to lift or go to the stadium to train.
    13. Distance runners will be meeting a few days a week to train at Creek  Park. Runners are to be ready to run by 3:25 on those days. A schedule will be provided to distance runners and a meeting place will be set up.

    14.  All athletes are to abide by Belle Vernon Area’s sportsmanship policy.



    We might be making cuts…practice is mandatory.