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    Name: Mrs. Jody Grove
               National Board Certified Teacher
               Early Childhood Generalist
    Email:  Jody.Grove@bvasd.net
    Classroom:  Room 143
    Grade:  Fourth
    Help Hours:  call before 8:15am or
                          after 3:30pm
    You may contact me by email or
    by phone
    (724-808-2500  x5143)
    Please do not call during normal school day hours unless it is an emergency.

    One hundred years from now,
    It will not matter how much money I made,
    What kind of car I drove,
    What sort of house I lived in.

    One hundred years from now,
    I hope the world will be a better place,
    Because I made a difference in the life of a child.

                                             -Author Unknown

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