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    Name:Angi Kozura
    Classroom: Room 119
    Grade: Learning Support k-2
    Help Hours: Via email - anytime- by phone 7:45-8:15 or 3:00-3:45 daily, 724-808-2500 ext. 4119
    Please visit my Blog and Link pages for ideas and activities!

    All Assignments and test dates will be sent home in the daily communication journal.
    Welcome to Learning Support!  The purpose of this program is to enhance your child's learning experience, by making it structured to meet each child's individual needs.  It is always important to look at children individually and focus on their strengths.  That is exactly what this program does.  By focusing on their strengths and individual learning styles we are able to make the learning process a more positive one.  This will help the children develop confidence, so when working on those skills that require extra attention they will be more motivated.  You are ALWAYS welcome to contact me with questions, concerns or just to share.  I look forward to working closely with each child and their families.  Oh yes!  We are going to have lots of fun doing all of these things too!!!!! :)