• Attendance 

    Please submit the following excuses to mes.excuses@bvasd.net 

    Absence Excuses

    Tardy Excuses

    Doctor Excuses (Attachment Required)

    Early Dismissals



    • State law permits 10 parental excuses throughout the school year.
    • Any student that returns from missing school has up to three days to turn in a parental/ doctor's excuse.
    • After the third day without submitting an excuse, it will turn into an automatic unlawful absence. 
    •  Doctor excuses are not counted towards parental excuses.
    • After 10 parental excuses, absences will be unlawful.
    • After three unlawful absences, you will receive an SAIC (School Attendance Improvement Conference) invitation to hold a meeting with our school counselor.


    The SAIC meeting will discuss strategies to improve your students' attendance. Belle Vernon is required by law to make a referral to both the magisterial district judge and general protective services via the county children and youth agency. Please refer to the section on Attendance and Absences from the School in our Student Handbook.