• L.E.P.S.

    Learning, Educating, with Parents, Student Success

    The L.E.P.S. program helps the school identify students who are experiencing behavioral and/or academic difficulties which pose a barrier to their learning and success in school.

    The L.E.P.S. core team is a trained group of school personnel that meet regularly to intervene with, and assist students and families in seeking appropriate help with academic struggles, attendance issues, change in behaviors, behavioral issues, and peer conflict. The L.E.P.S Liaison will assist in connecting students and families to outside services and support.

    Core Team Members

    Mrs. Ambrose (Fifth Grade Teacher)

    Mrs. Evancho (Second Grade Teacher)

    Mrs. Manack ( Sixth Grade Teacher)

    Mrs. Martin (Nurse)

    Dr. Knorr (Principal)

    Mrs. Tamasy (Speech Teacher)

    Mrs. Tirpak (Guidance Counselor)

    Ms. Tretinik (L.E.P.S. Liason)


    Click on the "L.E.P.S" link below for more information on the program. For questions about our program, please contact Courtney Tirpak, our guidance counselor, courtney.tirpak@bvasd.net or 724-808-2500 ext 4531.