Marion Elementary School Enrollment Information

  • For new student enrollment in the Belle Vernon Area School District,
    Please contact Luann Russell at the District Administration Office
    by calling (724) 808-2500 Ext. 1108 or by emailing
    Central Registration is done at the Administration Building located at 270 Crest Avenue, Belle Vernon, PA  15012
    Registration is by APPOINTMENT ONLY
    Please fill out the forms below prior to arriving for your appointment. 

    Enrollment Information:

    The following documents are required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and must be presented at the time of registration for all children:

    1. Proof of age:
    2.  Original or certified official birth certificate or;
    3. Original or certified baptismal certificate
    4. Immunization Records

    Certificate of immunization issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health and the Health Advisory Board.*

    1. Proof of Residency**

    Application for registration must be accompanied by one proof of residence from List A and one proof of residency from List B

    List A:

    1. Fully executed current residential lease and/or
    2. Mortgage settlement document(s) and/or
    3. Recorded deed and/or

    4  School property tax bill for the current or immediately preceding tax year

    1. Current utility bill (water, electric, gas, cable, etc.)

    List B:

    1. Valid PA Driver’s license or;
    2. Valid PA ID card or;
    3. Valid PA automobile registration or;
    4. Signed income tax return filed for current or immediately preceding tax year or;
    5. Check stub from wages, public assistance, or social security issued in the past 30 days or;
    6. Current PA Local earned Income Tax residence Certification Form
    7. Parent Registration Statement  (Provided with enrollment documents at the time of registration.)  Parent Registration Statement attesting to whether the student has been or is suspended or expelled for offenses involving drugs or alcohol, weapons or violence.


    *****Students who are not immunized as required by the PA Dept. of Health or who are not medically or religiously exempt may not be admitted to school.

    *****Proof of residency document(s) must indicate the physical address of residence and the name(s) or property owner(s).        

    For student NOT residing with their parent or guardian the following documents MUST be present in addition to the previously listed required documents:

    1. Foster Children
          a. Original letter from the court, association, agency or institution indicating compensated placement with the resident, and the       resident, and the resident school district of the natural parent(s) and;
    1. Signed sworn statement that the child has been placed by a bona fide agency in the home of the resident with compensation.
    2. Other Children, Not One’s Own
    3. Appropriate legal documentation to show dependency/guardianship.  Note:  Custody orders or agreements are not valid proof of       guardianship.
    4. Signed sworn statement that the child is being supported gratis and the resident will continuously assume all personal obligations       for the child relative to school supported by one of the following:
    5. Copy of Federal or State tax form which lists child as a dependent of resident, or;
    6. Copy of insurance policy/card/statement listing child as eligible for services, or;
    7. Proof of parents’ active military deployment.