•  Student Assistance Program


    What is SAP ?   The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Student Assistance Program is designed to assist school personnel in identifying issues which pose a barrier to a student's success.  The primary goal of SAP is to help students overcome these barriers in order that they may achieve to their fullest potential in academic and social environments.


    How Does SAP Work?   SAP is a systemic process using techniques to mobilize school resources to remove barriers to learning.  The core of the program is a professional trained team, including school staff and liaisons from community alcohol and drug and mental health agencies.  SAP team members are trained to identify problems, determine whether or not the presenting problem lies within the responsibility of the school and to make recommendations to assist the student and the parent. When the problem lies beyond the scope of the school, the SAP team will assist the parent and student so they may access services within the community. The student assistance team members do not diagnose, treat, or refer to treatment; but they may refer for a screening or an assessment for treatment.

    The SAP Process 
    1.  Referral - Anyone can refer a student to SAP when they are concerned about someone's behavior. The student can be referred by a school staff member, their friend, a family member or a community member. The student may go directly to a SAP team member and ask for help.  The SAP team will contact parents for permission to proceed with the SAP process.  Written parental/guardian consent necessary for the SAP process to proceed. The student must also sign  consent for the SAP process.
    2.  Team Planning -  The SAP team gathers information about the student's performance in school from all school personnel who have contact with the student. Information is also collected from the parent. The team will discuss with the parent the data which has been collected and also meets with the student.  Together, a plan is developed that includes strategies for removing the learning barriers and promoting the student's academic and personal success to include in-school and /or community based services and activities.
    3.  Intervention and Recommendations-  The plan is put into action.  The team assists in linking the student to in-school and/or community- based services and activities.  The team might also recommend a drug and alcohol or mental health assessment.
    4.  Support and Follow-Up  -  The SAP team continues to work with and support the student and his/her family.  Follow-up includes monitoring , mentoring, and motivating for academic success.
    Members of the SAP Team : include teachers, school counselors, school nurses, principals, and a behavioral health liaison from SPHS.
    If you have any questions regarding the Student Assistance Program please do not hesitate to contact your  guidance counselor, school nurse,  or principal .
    SAP is:
    • Administered by the PA Department of Education  Division of Student and Safe School Services
    • In partnership wit the PA Department of Health's bureau of Drug and Alcohol Program
    • In partnership with  PA Department of Public Welfare's Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services